We Love Images

Hello. I’m Heidi, the Creative Producer here at We Love Images

17th September 2020

And I’m the proud owner of this business that I set up 5 years ago. I took a leap of faith, after years of working for others, when I needed more flexibility and decided to ‘go it alone’. Everyone was championing me and my mentors at the time Kate and @markneilan convinced me to just […]

We are so lucky that our business makes us …Buzz. Jump. Smile.

11th September 2020

Never underestimate the fun factor in your work, if you are enjoying what you do it feels less like work, right? The way we work and how we work is based on our core values. Which we come back to answer every decision about WHO WE ARE and the way we work. We Love Our […]

Wow, does it feel good to be back!

3rd September 2020

Looks like we made it. Our first production and shoot since Covid and wow, does it feel good! September brings lots of ‘back to’s’ doesn’t it?! Back to School. Back to Work after summer holidays. And therefore Back to Work. And doing what we do best, what we love. We took all the steps we […]

Good vibrations

13th May 2020

We are currently searching for a music track that works for a new brief. Most of you will have experienced the thrill that comes from hearing a favorite song (I know I have!) That urge to get up and dance, boogie on down to our dance floor. It made me think that music actually has […]

Heidi did her first facebook live

16th April 2020

Heidi spoke about how moving image storytelling can enhance your brand. Be authentic and tell your story for your brand our your client’s brand.

Smart Works

13th March 2020

Donated some good quality shoes and clothes to the amazing charity ‘Smart Works’. Cecilia Quinn shoe shop in Henley are a drop off until May, and what a wonderful shop it is!

International Women’s Day

4th March 2020

An amazing panel at the Gossip Gal event… Inspirational evening hosted by the wonderful Rachel Bradley.

Goal Setting for the New Year

15th January 2020

Gossip Gal PR Network event with some fab ladies… We learnt all about goal setting and enjoyed some alcohol free drinks.

Time for Tea

9th January 2020

Back at the lovely Jungle Studios. Pouring a lovely cuppa tea in the studio and loving the perfect sound of tea pouring from a teapot…

Happy New Year!

6th January 2020

Happy New Year!… A great start of the year working with the lovely Christine Bottomley at the wonderful Jungle Studios, Soho

A Great Way to End 2019!

16th December 2019

A great way to end 2019 – working with WW and delighted to meet professional dancer and TV personality Curtis Pritchard – as he has officially joined the WW family!