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Hello. I’m Heidi, the Creative Producer here at We Love Images

And I’m the proud owner of this business that I set up 5 years ago.

I took a leap of faith, after years of working for others, when I needed more flexibility and decided to ‘go it alone’. Everyone was championing me and my mentors at the time Kate and @markneilan convinced me to just ’do it’!

With a huge dose of inspiration from books like ‘The Fear is not the Boss of you’ I decided to go all in. There was no looking back. What did I really have to lose? Exciting. Scary. Exhilarating!

So I did it. I edited my showreel. Created a blog website. Took a long, long, long deep breath (gulp!) And picked up the phone…

I got 2 new clients in 3 weeks. I could not believe it!

Like all new business owners, I had a lot to learn and quickly put on lots of hats;

  • Practicalities like insurance, business systems and archiving
  • Embracing networking opportunities (not just hiding in the loos like I did the first time – not me now!)
  • Establishing cost controllers and budgets
  • Setting up a fully fledged website

And here we are. Producing amazing shoots for amazing clients. I’m so glad I took that leap. I could not be more proud 🙂 I have learnt so many new skills.

So now you know my story; here’s a few more facts about me:

  • I have a vast collection of shoes and bags
  • I love vinyl and have DJ’d in a club in Greece
  • I jumped out of a plane for charity (solo!)
  • Oh and I love orange gin..!
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