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New for November: Lockdown, Locations and a Love of Food


  • What we learnt about filming in a National Lockdown…


So what did November bring…? We’ve been busy again, despite current restrictions affecting the nation, our filming team was back in action for Weight Watchers (WW) with some of the nicest feedback ever…


“Thanks so much for having me on board, this shoot was one of the nicest, calmest shoots I’ve had in recent times! Everyone was on the same page, it was lovely.” 


It was SO lovely and a shoot like no other – here are some of the reasons why:


– A coffee van in the shoot/on set is always a bonus in the winter (even if we couldn’t eat the props!)

– A COVID medic on set to ensure everyone’s safety and welfare as top priority

– Being a team is more powerful than ever

– Staying local means a lot; for locations


So we’ll Keep Calm and Carry on… Filming. Because that’s what we do!


  • Location, Location, Location… 


Continuing the story from our fabulous shoot during lockdown, we were so inspired by the shoot locations, right on our doorstep (well almost!) because after all, far flung is fabulous but what’s local and lovely?


Heidi said:


“After an unexpected and last-minute change of plan (quick-thinker is definitely in a Producer’s job description!) I quickly rallied, ultimately choosing Henley on Thames, right on the river as the shoot location.


Years of experience and creativity paid off and showed it’s not as hard as you might think to stay local. Even in the winter there are some stunning shoot locations, really close by. 


Working with our location manager Jon, we settled on a great house and riverside spot for our crew (and coffee van!) teaming up with local caterers.


As a business owner and in the mad dash to Christmas, let’s do what we can to support our small local business friends!” 


We Love Local and will continue to work with our community as much as we can in 2021.



  • Food, Glorious Food…


The shorter days and colder months mean our minds turn to comfort food and at We Love it is no exception. Except we get to work with food too! 


With Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December with food on our minds (and in our stomachs!) we talked to one of our favourite foodie people; Food Stylist Kathy Man about her passion for creating those mouth-watering images…


“Passionate people love food….


All food stylists are passionate about their food which translates into beautiful creative shots of delicious, mouth watering food. Nothing is too much trouble even when doing it for the ‘n’th time. 


The secret to styling a beautiful plate of food starts with carefully selecting the components  needed; the most beautiful cauliflower, the best shaped peppers and the brightest orange coloured carrots. 


I loved styling for this WW shoot because it gave me the opportunity to buy so many beautiful and delicious ingredients to dress the set and cook with”


Thank so much Kathy.


So when you are cooking this weekend, whatever you prepare, remember… “The Secret Ingredient is always love”


Stay safe, enjoy the festive season and count down to a super special end of this year.

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