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Wow, does it feel good to be back!

Looks like we made it. Our first production and shoot since Covid and wow, does it feel good!

September brings lots of ‘back to’s’ doesn’t it?! Back to School. Back to Work after summer holidays. And therefore Back to Work. And doing what we do best, what we love.

We took all the steps we needed to ensure everyone was safe on the shoot, making gorgeous moving images for an upcoming campaign for Weight Watchers (coming to your TV from Sunday eek)

And what did we learn?

– Our team is fantastic; we pulled together, being adaptable and flexible, caring and creative
– We did everything we could to keep everyone safe and happy
– We can get the best results even in challenging circumstances
– We were inspired by some utterly lush WW’s member stories that literally made us cry.

We can’t wait to do more shoots now we’ve learnt so much. Watch. This. Space.

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